Online Webinar: boost fill rates and free working capital with DDMRP

Today’s companies are challenged with hard-to-identify signals, increasing number of SKUs, shorter lead times, less reliable forecasts, and customer demand. But, in an increasingly complex and volatile world, they are still using the conventional supply chain management methods devised in the 1960s – aka traditional MRP. By doing so, they fight to maintain fill rates at the expense of working capital.

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The Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) methodology was developed to address planning in a volatile, complex, uncertain, and ambiguous (VUCA) supply chain world. As the global leader in DDMRP implementations, our Replenishment+ software delivers improved results without additional stress or difficulties standard forecasting produces. With dynamic reorder points adjusted daily based on your actual true market demand, DDMRP allows planners to focus on areas or items that are critical to company success while trusting that everything else is running smoothly.

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Join us on June 30th at 10:00 AM EST to learn how you can:

+ Eliminate the reliance on spreadsheets and forecasts
+ Trust the information provided from the materials planning tool
+ Gain improved visibility into your supply chain operations
+ Free up working capital

• Traditional Planning Limitations
• How DDMRP Can Help Boost Fill Rates and Free Working Capital
• Proven Success
• Demonstration of Replenishment+
• Q&A

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