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Innovative Supply Chain Exhibition in the Central Eastern Europe

This October will see the first international B2B exhibition in the heart of Europe, Bratislava – Slovakia, the World of Freight (WOF) Expo 2021. An ideal place for a logistics hub in the CEE region. WOF Expo is an innovative event, bridging the entire supply chain, seeking to create business opportunities within the whole “New Europe” region. This will be the first Expo that will relocate across the countries of the CEE region yearly in order to create a common and stable platform for freight/supply chain providers and industrial/manufacturing companies.

The post-COVID-19 business will show not the largest companies will thrive and remain, but the ones which are adaptable to changes and challenges. WOF Expo will be a driving force to kick new business opportunities after a difficult economic period caused by COVID-19.

WOF Expo 2021 will welcome international participants from 44+ countries. It will connect shippers, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers with the most up-to-date supply chain solution providers.

During three days of the expo, TOP speakers from all over the world will take care of the phenomenal content of the conference program. The WOF EXPO 2021 program is based on five pillars:

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